Mon Aug 24, 2015

Back from SealFit Basic Training seminar.  It was really a wonderful experience to be part of so many like minded people getting together to learn, share and grow. 

It was an interesting group comprised of individuals drawn to SealFit from the physical mountain like the Kokoro graduates and others who found their way to Encinitas through the Unbeatable Mind program.  The program went over the SealFit principles of the 5 Mountains that we train every day (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuition and Kokoro).  I really enjoyed reconnecting with a few of my Kokoro 30 swim buddies.

Back at the RRL we did this one today:

RRL Warm Up

Warm up Back Squat


Back Squat



EMOM for 8 minutes

Snatch x 2


Row 1000

50 OHS @ 95 lbs

25 Burpees

For time