4th of July Run with the Dogs

I hope everyone had a great Holiday.  We are certainly fortunate to live in this wonderful country!  I give thanks everyday and hope that you do as well.

A rainy weekend was kind of slow and relaxing around here, but I did find time to get the dogs out running


Run 5k

With dogs if possible


Also, update on the weight loss contest...

I have lost 9 pounds since the start and almost 1/2 way to my goal of 20 pounds down by August 31.  I may have betrayed my advantage in the contest by putting my progress up, but I dont actually think 20 pounds will win.

I have returned to the Zone and have lost the weight fairly quickly lately, but there was about 2 weeks where my pants may have been a little looser, but the scale showed no difference.  Now I am losing a pound every other day or so.

I also got a Ninja blender for Fathers Day which has been great fro making whole food vegetable drinks from Kale, Broccoli, Carrots, Berries and  other fruit.  I dont mind eating vegetables, but it has been really hard for me to be able to get enough Kale to satisfy my carbohydrate requirements.  Throwing a bunch in a blender with some blueberries, ice and a little water makes 2 glasses of the entire food, not juiced.  I can get this down quickly and it actually doesnt taste bad at all. 

I also made almond butter with the Ninja...pretty good!  There is a small Nutri Ninja thing that is perfect for making Butter Coffee as well.  Kim told me about the Ninja.  About 1/2 price of the Vitamix and from what I have seen it is just as good and has way more attachments.  Check it out if you are into it. 

I find myself consuming about 10,000 x more raw green leafy vegetables as I did before I had the Ninja.  Everything I read says that is what the body needs.  It has helped to decrease my flour intake by allowing me to get a much faster carbohydrate drink made entirely of vegetables and fruit.