6 mile run on the road


Our last day in Richmond, VA today and I hit a 6 mile run around the area of the hotel.  There are some great looking areas here and I would have liked to have run in the historic areas, but I went for quick and easy.  It was easy, but not quick.  My 49 minute time reminds me that I am getting slower. 

However, my switch to the new Saucony shoes has proven to be an excellent choice.  No calf issue whatsoever!  That is amazing to me.  A simple change of shoes can be the difference between running well or running at all.

Meanwhile, back at the garage:

5k Elizabeth

For Time:

5 km Run

21 Power Cleans 135 lbs

21 Ring Dips

15 Power Cleans 135 lbs

15 Ring Dips

9 Power Cleans 135 lbs

9 Ring Dips

Post total time.

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