Sunday Trail Run and Mike's Bday

At the RRL, we celebrate birthdays by wearing the 30 lb vest during the workout.  It is a great way to feel really old and slow.

Today, Mike Drew celebrated his birthday and brought his son Nate with him.  We met in the garage, did a little core work and hit the road for a field trip. 

Parking on Kent Street, we paired Kent Hartman with Ren Park for a long running and bodyweight workout.  Mike, of course, did this with the vest. 

Doug brought 2 friends from GetBuilt to join us today.  Glad to have them as they provided some great competition on the runs.

You can see more about Kent Hartman Here

And Ren Park Here

Happy Birthday Mike!  So glad to have you as a friend.

Time: 46:30


Yesterday, I hit the Stringer's Ridge Blue Trail.  I took my phone this time and was surprised that it was exactly 3 miles.  For is a map:

I would love to add more distance to this run.  If anyone knows how long it would be if you added all the extra loops, please leave it in comments or shoot me an email.  Thanks.

For those who dont know this run, it is in the middle of town and is an outstanding trail for running or biking.  I highly recommend it for hiking, running or biking and it is a great place to take a kid or a beginner.  We are extremely lucky to have this resource so close to town.