Back in the garage

This morning was the first day since Thursday that I have been back in the garage.  As I reported yesterday, a serious bout of the flu had me completely out of commission until Wednesday afternoon and I continued to rally yesterday.

It felt so good to get moving again and to laugh with my friends.


Push Press



Magic 50

5 single arm dumbbell swings/each arm

5 single arm dumbbell snatches/each arm

10 burpees

x 5 rounds


I usually do this workout with a 50 pound dumbbell but considering that I have basically not moved in a week, I thought it might be wise to try today with a 25.  It felt like what Rich Froning probably feels like when doing 95 lb thrusters or 75 pound snatches.  Man...that must be awesome.

The 25 lb dumbbell was perfect for me this morning.  Just got my body moving and moved through the workout getting everything working again.

I will do the 15.1 workout on Sunday or Monday as I continue to rally from this down time.