Single Digit Club


The single digit club is reserved for those hearty individuals that come to the workout when the temperature is in the single digits. 
This is significant because we never workout indoors at the RRL.  When it is 102 in the summer, we are outside...or, like today, when it is 4 degrees (My truck said 4 but our outdoor thermometer registered 7 or 8), we are outside.

I had saved some old shutters for burning and it was a good thing.  Today was not a good day to discover that we were out of Kerosene.  The sideline heater remained unlit but the fire barrel burned hot.

We did a 25 minute Circle Jerk which is where we get in a circle around the fire barrel and each call out an exercise and reps for 25 minutes.

I remember the following:





Wall Balls

Wall Ball run

200 m run

Jumping jacks



Mtn Climbers

Flutter kicks

And some med ball bowling that Jody came up with.

All in all a pretty easy day at the RRL but I figured that if these guys were good enough to get out of their warm beds, I might as well take it easy on them for once.

We also had a puppy who entered the Single Digit club...Rufus. 

Congrats to everyone and good on ya!