Trevor and Jody's Birthday workout

Trevor passed through town for 1 day before heading to Japan for 3 weeks.  Jody made his anticipated return today.

Both guys were greeted by 20 dudes ready to go this morning.  It was a little chilly, but the camaraderie made it tolerable.  I understand that we will see single digits this week.  I hope we continue to have 20 + every morning.

Trevor and Jody Birthday Workout

Run, 400 m

10 Overhead Squats, 115 lbs

Run, 800 m

20 Barbell Lunges, 115 lbs

Run, 800 m

10 Curtis Ps, 115 lbs

Run, 400 m

20 Ground To Overheads, 115 lbs

For time

When returning from a layoff or coming to the garage for the first time, I give this advice:  Go 1/2 of what everyone else is doing. 

To see any results and TO ENJOY THE PROCESS, it is crucial that you do something every day.  Coming to the gym and killing yourself only to be too sore to return the next day is not only painful, it is ineffective.  Go light, come often.

I think it can be summarized with the following:

1. Consistency- come every day

2. Accuracy- after you have achieved consistency and you are on a schedule to come every day or 3 days a week, focus on accuracy next.  This means doing all the movements with the full range of motion.  Go all the way down on the squats and pushups, get the chin all the way over the bar on the pullups...etc.  Don't worry so much about the weight or number of reps.  Range of motion is the most important at this stage.

3. Intensity- After you are consistently coming and have made a commitment to continue, you then focused on accuracy of movement.  Once these two are achieved, it is then time to focus on intensity.  Put more weight on the bar as long as your form is perfect. When it breaks down, peel the weight off the bar.  Poor reps with more weight is not good or impressive.  Focus on solid reps.  Increase weight when you are ready.  Focus on speed of quality movement and working to Rx.  Go at your own pace, but when intensity is increased and #1 and #2 are still being achieved, you will see big results.

Consistency, Accuracy, Intensity...The recipe for success.