Soreness everywhere

Tuesday's workout left everyone sore and yesterday made it worse.

I dont like to program where people are simply too sore to enjoy the week or to make improvements.  That SOF workout was a killer.

Today, I thought about the few things that were not hurting and developed a way to move our bodies and try to eliminate the soreness while allowing some rest on the legs.

RRL Warmup

20 GHD

20 Back Extension

20 Toes to Bar

200 flutter kicks


50 GHD situps for time  1:58 for me

Max Pullups in a single set  50 for me

800 m with the most weight you can or want to carry

Finish with Stretching and humor

On another note, I had a fantastic day with my Dad yesterday.  We went to a place we have been going for 20 years and the ducks were flying.  My new shotgun was awesome...Super Black Eagle 2! 

Overall, it really didnt matter if the ducks flew or if I pulled the trigger.  I got to experience a sunrise with my Dad and a major bonus was to see Gus make 6 retrieves at 60-80 yards perfectly.

Great day!

I got Gus a new tree stand for the swamp because the water is too deep for him.  We tried it out in the yard.