Master WOD 7

Master WOD 7

Row 1K.

With remaining time, AMRAP

7 pull-ups and 7 push presses from behind the neck.

RX'd weights

Age Men Women 40-44 115# 75# 45-49 105# 65# 50-54 95# 55# 55-59 85# 45# 60+ 75# 35#

We did this workout on March 8, 2011 and filmed an episode of Fitness Truth.  It was a good one and we had a good turnout that day.

Today, we also had a terrific turn out and were able to try to replicate or improve upon our previous results.

I did 118 reps in 2011 and 127 today with 115 pounds in both workouts.

I was happy with this result, but as I looked at the whiteboard and at the video, I saw that so many of the guys who were at the workout in 2011 had just killed their results today.  It is one thing to see my own constant improvement and to get some satisfaction from that, but when everyone is improving over time, that is when I receive the most satisfaction.