Intervals revisited

Pushup progression x 4 plus max set

Situp progression x4 plus max set

1.5 mile run under 11:15  minutes x3

Ruck 60 lbs + water food 2 miles under 24:11 x 3


This was a very tough workout.  Very tough.  I was training at the beach for the final day.  The weather was hot and humid.  Starting at 5:30, I was in a full sweat by the time I got to the situps.  Soon, I was dripping water into my boots and they were soaked.  I drank 9 bottles of water plus a full Source bladder, recovery drink then coffee after and did not pee until noon.

I made all time hacks except the last two rucks.



1. 10:16

2. 10:43

3. 11:08



1. 24:01

2. 26:23

3. 30:52 (very tough, on beach)