On the road

Are you "Old Man Strong"?

Are you "Old Man Strong"?

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”
— Lou Holtz”



Box Breathing 5 minutes

30 overhead squats with PVC

10x each: Pushups, Situps, Dips, Pullups, Burpees

Skill: Jump Rope 3 minutes


2 minute pushup test

2 minute situp test

500 flutter kicks

Workout: A.
21-15-9 reps, for time of:

Overhead Squat, 115/75 lbs

Toes To Bar

Workout B.

For time:

50 Burpees


Workout C. 


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

10 Push Press, 115/85 lbs

10 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

10 Box Jumps, 24/20 in

On the road travel workout

For Time: Go through entire deck of cards

Aces= 11

Face cards= 10

Push-up - Clubs

Burpee - Spades

4 count mountain climber- Hearts

Air Squat- Diamonds

Joker= 200 m swim

Post times, reps and/or loads to comments