Festivus-Feats of Strength and the airing of grievances

In the spirit of Seinfeld, we had out Festivus workout today.

Warm up


Burpee for every "Roxanne", squat for every "light"

Feats of Strength

Pick any 3 and try to pass the benchmark.  Do as many as you can this morning

Front Squat 1.5 x bodyweight (BW)

Clean and Jerk 1 x BW

30 Thrusters @ 95 lbs in 1 minute

20 pullups without dropping off bar

17 burpees in 1 minute

55 situps in 2 minutes

35 double unders in 2 minutes

Run Minnekahda Mile > 7:30

Row 500 m > 1:50

100 pushups in 2 minutes

Some of these came off the SealFit assessment.  Others were just thrown in today.

After the workout, we aired our grievances around the Festivus pole.

They mostly included alot of various grievances about farting.  For everyone's information, there is a suggestion box located at the top of the Oak tree above the driveway.  Feel free to put your suggestion in it.  While up there, check to see if there are any others in the box.