Hold on 2

RRL Warmup


50 Vups

20 Lying hip swings

Back Squat


Hold on 2

In teams of 2:

75 ring dips/Pullup Hold

20 Squat cleans at 155 lbs

Row 1500 m/Deadlift Hold 225 lbs

50 m walking lunge with 53 lb kettlebell

This is a 2 person team workout.  Only one person works at a time.

While partner A holds a pullup (chin over the bar), partner B does as many ring dips as possible.  When Partner A drops from bar, Partner B stops and they switch.  Continue until 75 ring dips are complete.

Squat Cleans are tag team.  Do as many as you want and then switch until 20 are complete

Partner A rows as far as possible while Partner B lifts and holds 225 lbs in the air.  When the weight drops, rowing stops and partners switch.  Continue until 1500 m are complete.

Walking lunge is tag team.  Go as far as you want and then switch with your partner until 50 m are complete.

For time