New Project

I have been traveling since Selection but I have been able to keep up the workouts.  Certainly, my daily workouts are not what they would have been if I were able to workout with my friends in the garage, but I believe that I was able to maintain my conditioning without losing much.

It was a good time to heal from Selection as well.  Lots of Yoga, mobility, stretching, breathing exercises and more time spent on my Unbeatable Mind training has me in a place where I am super excited to get back to training hard every day.

Moving from Selection focused training, I plan to move back into a SealFit Opwod based training while keeping up the strong running base that I built in preparation for Selection. 

Just before Selection, I filmed our offshore show, Into the Blue, in Venice Louisiana.  It went pretty well and we got some good shows.  Here are a few shots:

Just a few days after Selection, I was in the Florida Keys filming Saltwater Experience.  We had several amazing days before a tropical depression hit and we were forced to conclude a day or so early.  Here are some pictures from that one:


And finally, i went from the Keys to Missouri to film our newest project, Sweetwater.  I was very excited about the footage we got here as the mornings were covered in fog and the sky was clear.  The combination of the fog and sunrise made for stunning conditions visually and our cameras were able to capture some of the best footage we may have ever shot.  Check out some of these shots:

Now I am home for a while and ready to train hard and have some fun with team workouts.

Watch for all these shows to air on NBC Sports, Destination America and Sportsman Channel starting January 1.

Train hard, Train smart.