Being Coached

After Selection I decided that my next goal would be to really improve my Olympic lifting.  This goal goes hand in hand with my greater purpose of spending more time at home and more time with my wife and kids. 

My 15 year old, Hayden, has been training with Brice Johnson at the YMCA.  Brice is an excellent coach and really knows olympic weightlifting.  Hayden has improved quickly and so has RRL regular and leader, Trevor Taylor. 

I have been wanting to get coaching for some time now, but it just didnt work with my schedule, so I struggled to improve on my own. 

Today, I started with Brice and worked out alongside my son Hayden.  I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere and certainly enjoyed the one on one time with Hayden.  He is turning into a beast in front of my eyes and has some real potential to take olympic weightlifting to a much higher level.  At 150 pounds, he is already cleaning 220 and I expect him to max at 250 before the new year.

We did the following workout:

3x3 vertical pulls

Clean Dynamic warm up- just bar, hang cleans, hang clean pulls, front squat

3x3 Clean @ 50kg

2x2 clean at 70 kg

1x1 Clean at 80 kg

1x1 Clean at 90 kg

1x1 Clean at 95 kg

1x1 Clean at 100 kg

3x3 Clean at 90 kg

4x3 Front Squat at 90 kg

1 clean pull/3 RDL at 90 kg

3x3 1 clean pull/3 RDL at 100 kg

1x1 1 clean pull/3 RDL at 110 kg

3x15 GHD + plate press at 15 kg

I like being coached and hope that I can make some serious progress toward both my snatch and CJ