1000 Pushups-SealFit Challenge

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“Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them. But do not let them master you.”
— Helen Keller”


SealFit offers monthly challenges that we like to schedule.  These are both physically and mentally challenging.


I have selected 12 challenges to be a part of our training for Selection.  Yesterday was the first one.

1000 pushups for time

This took Michael Miller 65 minutes to complete.  he was the first one of us to go.  The first one to try a workout or challenge has no goal in mind, rather just to complete.  The next few to go have a major advantage and can target a certain time.

I was able to finish 1000 pushups in 42:37 by doing sets of 20 for the entire 1000. 

Future challenges include:

• 1,000 sit-ups
• 1,000 pull-ups
 -All night ruck with PT throughout.  The worst things we can think of.
• 1 mile walking lunge wearing a 45 pound ruck
-1 mile burpee broad jump with ruck
-1 mile low crawl with ruck
-Run Burpee Run with ruck
-Quad Murph with ruck

Stay tuned for results


Give them a try and post results to comments