May 24, 2017

Wednesday has transformed into run day


Slow 2 mile warm up jog (I focused on only breathing through my nose as encouraged in the book I am reading called The Oxygen Advantage)


Woodhill x 8

Run up and down a hill as fast as you can 8 times.  The gym record is right at 8 minutes.  Mike Drew ran really well.  Almost lapped me.

I have been reading The Oxygen Advantage and trying some of his exercises.  I think that everyone should read this book as he has some interesting ideas all backed by science that I have never really investigated before.  I have enjoyed learning about the relationship between Co2 and o2 and how you can alter that based on the way you breathe resulting in more or less o2 uptake to your blood stream.  Obviously, if we can get more o2 into the blood, we can perform better.  He has some science that is contrary to conventional wisdom, like deep breaths=more o2. 

While reading this book I am trying to figure out how his program can exist with the Wim Hof method within my training.  I believe there is a place for both, but the question is, how do we use them to increase performance substantially?

Here is an article from his website that compares the two methods:

I dont think that I will quit doing either method, because the ancillary benefits to each are so evident within my life.  At the very least, the Wim Hof Method practiced daily has been the most effective meditation tool I have come across.  My mind goes still or wanders to places previously unknown.  Before, I would sit there and start wondering what I was going to have for breakfast or some silly thought like that.  With the breathing method, all thoughts like that vanish and my head is still for a short period of the day.  In Stealing Fire, Kotler gives scientifically backed proof of the incredible benefits of even very brief moments like these found in meditation.  For that reason alone, I would keep doing it regularly, but I know that it has far more benefits.  I can also see how The Oxygen Advantage can also be used to enhance your training both mentally and physically. 

At 48, I am looking for every advantage I can get.  If I can find a technique or training method that helps increase performance 2%, I am interested in learning.  These breathing techniques have definitely helped my physical training and performance, but they have substantial effects on the mental side as well which easily translates to family, work and other relationships. 

I will write more about these two methods as I continue to learn more about them and incorporate them into the training.

Let me know if you have experience with either method, good or bad.