Normal Park Stairs

Check out Matt Beach doing the Normal Park Stairs workout.  Congratulations to MIKE DREW for being the first to ever finish this workout in under 25 minutes!  24:53 to be exact!

RRL Warmup

Normal Park Stairs

Run 1 mile to stairs

10 burpees at top

10 clap pushups at bottom

x 3 rounds

Run 1 mile back to RRL

This is a very simple workout.  Our gym record for this was shattered today as Mike Drew killed everyone and turned in a 24:53 being the first to ever break 25 minutes on this run.  There is really no strategy or technique to this one...just run a mile as fast as you can, run up the stairs and do the burpees, get back down as fast as possible and hit the clap pushups.  Do it again 2 more times then run home.

Workouts like these are my absolute favorite.  There is nothing better than using a natural feature or man made obstacle and turning it into a benchmark workout.  It is easy to do, you have one right next to your house or gym...guaranteed. 

We do an obstacle course at Renaissance Park, the stairs at Normal Park, Russel x 8 (which is a steep hill that we simply run up and down 8 times for time), Young x5 with 5 burpees on each end.  We may have others, but these are the simplest, require no equipment and are some of the most fun workouts that we do at the RRL.

If you do find something challenging, make sure to write down exactly how you do it and keep time.  It will become a benchmark that you can return to over and over.

On another son got his braces off today!