Sept 4, 2019

My workouts have not slowed in the least, but my workout tracking has been suffering on this blog. I started following Ben Bergeron’s Comptrain Masters program and he delivers those workouts on an app called SugarWOD. It has been much easier to enter the results there. However, I want to resume posts here and I am going to try to.

I have been doing the Wodapalooza online qualifier. I was in 17th after the first 2 workouts and then dropped to 31st after the 3rd and 4th. I have to do really well on the ones this weekend to try to climb up the leaderboard to the top 15. Id really like to compete in that event!


Block Clean Pull

3 Sets of 3 

Set 1: 60% 
Set 2: 65% 
Set 3: 70%

Block Clean High Pull

3 Sets of 3

All Sets: 65%

Block Power Clean

2 Reps On the Minute x 8 Minutes

Set 1: 50% 
Set 2: 53% 
Set 3: 56% 
Set 4: 59% 
Set 5: 62% 
Sets 6-8: 65%

"Fish Out of Water"

For Time:
2K Row

Directly into...

10 Rounds:
2 Power Cleans (175/115)
4 Bar-Facing Burpees
12 Air Squats

Scoring: Time

Mobility/Gratitude exercise