Sept 6, 7, 2018

Trying out my new schedule, I got a little extra sleep on Thursday and worked out in the afternoon with Josh and Melissa.  The guys hit it in the morning and Kyle, Justin and Wade all put up some impressive scores.  I really, really liked the format of this one.

5 x 2 min rounds with 3 minute rest between rounds

10 Thrusters @95 lbs

Row 200

Max # thrusters in the time remaining

Your score is determined only by the number of thrusters you can complete after you have done the first 10 and then rowed 200 m.  For instance, if you complete the 10/200 in 1:30 you have :30 to do as many thrusters as you can.  When the clock hits 2 minutes, you stop and rest for 3 minutes.  Repeat this 5 times and keep track of your score.  

Kyle and Justin got 54 while Wade got 42.  I maintained 8 thrusters for each round and squeezed out 9 on the last round for a hard earned score of 41.  Great format!


Run 400 m

Shoulder to Overhead @185

x 3 rounds

This one was HEAVY for us.  We scaled it back to 155 and it was still pushing my limits.  

I finished in 9:42 with 155 and Wade and Justin just breezed through this one at 155 about 30-45 seconds faster than me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend