July 6, 2018

I jumped in the truck with my oldest son Turner and drove all the way to Montana with him.  It was fun but I missed the traditional 4th of July depletion workout that we usually do.  Not to worry...it is coming.

I am reading Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker and have decided to add an official 2nd session to the RRL.  5 AM as usual PLUS 5 PM as a new time that the garage is officially open whether I am there or not.  

Today is the first official afternoon session.

Come one come all.  5 pm


Despite Will Hunt’s absence, bring 40’s if you like.  Complimentary ice baths available. 


Also for those who wrote with hurt feelings that they have been absent so long that their names were forgotten:

I hope you come back Kevin DiStasio, Allen Bible, Jody Bankston, Matt Lawson, Will Kelley, PSC, Kevin MilZ, Chris Curtis, Reggie Vachon, Ryan Langford, Brock Rush, Will Ensign, Michael Miller, Trey Carico, Trip Farmer, Ben Edgar, Matt Green.  If you weren’t listed in that list…then definitely come back.



An extended belated 4th of July workout will happen tomorrow at 10 am.  Come for that as well.  It will be good


It will be Double Hidalgo.