July 30, 2018


Good Monday Morning!

We brought in a classic CrossFit Girl workout today.  Helen

But first...

Dynamic warm up as a group which included toy soldiers, inch worms, lunges, jogs, medium speed, sprints, strict pullups, kipping pullups, burpees, kb swings.  By the end of it we were warm and ready to take on Helen


Run 400 m

21 KB swings @ 53 lbs

12 Pullups

x3 rounds

I finished today at 8:56 which is not bad but definitely not my best time either.  I have an 8:04 on the whiteboard.  When I give it all and come in :50 seconds slower, I wonder how I was able to do that time.  Even 10 seconds faster on each run would only be :30 faster.  I really don't feel like my swings or pullups have gotten much slower.  It has to be the run.  I can definitely see how that may have slowed down.  BUT at least I am able to run!  No injuries.

Welcome back Card Steel today!  Good to see you!