February 21, 2018

Need something to listen to?  This week's episode of Joe Rogan Experience has one of my favorite interviews of all time.  David Goggins.  Dont know who he is?  LISTEN to this podcast. 

Need some motivation?  LISTEN to this podcast.

Feeling sorry for yourself? LISTEN to this podcast.

Waiting for someone to come help you?  LISTEN to this podcast.

Going for a run and need something to listen to?  LISTEN to this podcast.

Here it is on iTunes

Here it is on YouTube (Click here if video doesnt display)


I think that my calf has finally healed so I scheduled the Hinshaw workout for our running Wednesday.  Of course, after listening to Goggins, I think I could run 205 miles on a torn calf muscle. 


Run 30 minutes fairly easy


100 @ :22

rest 2 min

150 @ :33

rest 2 min

200 @ 44

Rest 2 min

200 @ 44