December 17, 2018

This month has flown by.

I was on the road in Key West for a while. Back now and ready to hit it really hard.


Warm Up

Wim Hof

Row 2000

50 Wall Balls

Row 1000

35 Wall Balls

Row 500

20 Wall Balls

For time




30 minutes on Ski Erg for max distance

Travel workouts while I was gone:

I was able to workout with my friends Tony and Colleen Murphy in Key West at Mile Zero Crossfit. Thanks for letting me come in

P1. 500 m row

P2. 10 pullups/10 Push press @ 135 x 2 rounds

x 5 rounds

Row 250

12 Snatch @ 95

AMRAP 8 min

rest 5 min

Row 250

12 Clean and Jerk @ 115

AMRAP 8 min

Also did several decks of cards and core decks of cards, a core workout with my daughter and 1000 pushups one day.

So good to be back in the garage