November 8, 2018

Occasionally I like to look back on the Beyondthewhiteboard calendar and find a particular week or day and replicate it to see how I compare to those results. Today, I found an interesting workout that fit with our week. It was November 25, 2015. I replicated that day exactly today.


3 years ago I was able to get 70 reps. Today, 68


3 years ago, 2 rounds + 5 reps. Today 2 rounds + 4 reps


3 years ago, 5 rounds even. Today, 5 rounds + 6 reps

I am constantly trying to improve but as I age, I am also happy to not be losing fitness. In 2 of these workouts I was 1 or 2 reps off my previous best 3 years ago. I surpassed this by 6 reps today.

Lots of work to do…holding steady