October 25, 2018

traveling again. It has been a busy Fall

back at the garage Birthday wishes go to Reggie. I’m sure that Alan has something planned for you.  

On the road workouts have been  

5 mile run

deck of cards


50 mountain climbers  

20 v ups  

10 Bear Complex with Sandbag

x 5


on this trip I brought a 53 lb kb, a 45 lb sandbag, jump rope and some bands. I’ll get a little more creative in the days to come.  

Mom the way down I listened to a book called The Power of Habit- why we do what we do in business and life. It was interesting and different than I thought it would be. I learned alot


i also listened to a great podcast. James Altucher has a fantastic podcast and his interview with Henry Winkler is my favorite yet.  

Henry Winkler was The Fonz. Possibly the most iconic character ever on TV. He was incredibly popular and smooth. Yet, he is severely dislecsic. He has overcome this major issue his whole life.  

This podcast is really good and spot on to the theme I often discuss of “weakness is strength “ 

check it out and also check out my latest podcast w 9 x UFC Weilterweight Champion, Matt Hughes. tomrowlandpodcast.com