Oct 10-16, 2018

Jelly Legs + Krispy Kreme = Alan’s 51st Birthday

Jelly Legs + Krispy Kreme = Alan’s 51st Birthday

I have been on a shoot for Into the Blue in the Florida Keys until yesterday

The guys have been killing it in the garage while I am gone. I managed to get in a workout everyday while I was gone. Some of the highlights include:

Deck of Cards

Deck of cards using only core exercises

5 miles 500 pushups

25 sets of 50 flutter kicks/25 sets of 20 pushups

Run 5 miles in the Florida Mid Day sun

Yesterday was Alan’s Birthday and he wanted to do his favorite workout

Jelly Legs

20 burpees/1 Squat

19 burpees/2 squats

18 burpees/3 squats…

all the way to 1 burpee/20 squats

Alan did this in a 20 lb vest as tradition requires

I finished slightly behind Josh at 19:42 which is 20 seconds off my best time ever

Today, we went back to the weights


10 Push Press at 115

10 KB Swing at 53

10 Box Jump/Step Up at 24”

AMRAP 20 min

I looked on the whiteboard and saw that my previous score was 8 rounds even. I cruised past 8 rounds easily while I was trying to keep up with Justin. Justin finished with 13+ rounds! I got 11 rounds + 8 push press and was astonished. How could I beat my time so badly? Was I sick, injured? A closer look showed me why


ok, that makes WAY more sense. A 20 lb vest + Murph and Coe before doing this workout would easily cut 3 + rounds off. Maybe I should have done better today!