August 5, 2017

I hit my 2nd Aerobic Capacity workout today.  This work happens on the track. 

When I was running marathons, the way to get faster was to spend a day or two a week on the track running shorter distances at a faster pace.  Most runners hate the track work and I was no exception.  I wanted the long efforts, a 2 hour run or at least getting in 7 miles at a race pace.  That seemed fun, but it was not getting me closer to my goal of running a 3:00:00 marathon.

With this new program, I have similar thoughts.  I'd rather be lifting weights or hitting a 20 minute AMRAP, but because I am definitely older and it could be argued that I am also wiser, I see the value in this work and I am committed to it for at least 6 months.

The workout today was

Run 500m

Rest 1:15

Run 400m

Rest 1:15

Run 300m

Rest 4 minutes

x 3

Chris Hinshaw built this program around my 1 mile and 400 m max effort times.  I was told to hit certain splits on each of these efforts and I managed to do so with no trouble.  The workout was challenging and took about 30 minutes to complete.

Hopefully, this program will not only help me to be better at the CrossFit workouts but also to regain my running form and speed that I once had.