July 17, 2017

The posts have been slow here, but the work continued.

I took a trip to Orlando for an fishing industry trade show, then straight to a wedding in Key West.  Now, I have my family at Hawks Cay with me and we are fishing daily.

The trade show went well and all our properties were well represented and the sponsors were happy. I took my son, Hayden, with me and let him roam the hall while I was in meetings. He returned with a backpack full of free stickers, hats, t shirts, and other cool stuff.  He also kept sending me pictures of him with famous bass guys like Kevin Van Dam and the current World Champ, Jordan Lee.

I showed him what life on the road is like with a schedule like this:

5:02 wake

5:15 breathing and workout, usually deck of cards but I did bring 2 Kettlebells and a sandbag

7:30 breakfast meeting with team

9:00 first meeting and continue to meet every 30 minutes until show closes at 6

6:30 meeting

7:00 Sponsor dinner

9:30 Sponsor party

11-12 bed

5:02- repeat

It is a tough schedule and I have tried it with and without the workout.  There is NO DOUBT that I am more alert, have more energy and communicate more effectively when I get up early enough to get in a good workout with enough time to breathe and sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and visualize how I want my day to go.  When I do not workout, I am flat and somewhat lethargic.

I do everything I can to get the workout in daily.  If I can not for some reason, I focus on getting good food, getting in the breathing and some mobility.

After the show, we drove straight to Key West to be a part of my friend Shane Wood's wedding.  Shane is a very important person to me.  He was my very first employee ever and I hired him without any idea of how I would use him.  He didnt know much about fishing, but he was a solid guy who was physically extremely capable.  I took him on over 100 charters with me before I let him go on one on his own.  Once he started, the customers were always extremely happy. Shane continued his career on his own and is now getting married and supporting his new family through fishing and guiding.  It made me really happy to see him take this step.  Jessica is one lucky lady...Shane is awesome and one of my favorite people.

Now, in Hawks Cay, we have swimming deck of cards workouts, 6 mile 92 degree runs across the bridges, fishing all day and having fun with the kids.  We went offshore fishing yesterday and managed to run into some Mahi.  We caught them, cleaned them and ate them for dinner.  Good times.

Today will be inshore for Permit, Bonefish and tarpon with a side trip to show the girls the giant orange starfish that live on the white sand.

The workouts continue at the garage with Trevor and Reggie leading the day.  Good workouts and a good group every morning.