June 8, 2017

After Memorial Day, we did not stop, contrary to the activity on this page.  I appologize for the lack of posts, but the work has not ceased. 

Traveling now and today started with a 3 mile run, work and then I had a little time this afternoon.  I hit 1000 pushups for time

I have done this workout a few times while on the road.  Here is a post about it (click here)

Last time it took me 42:37 by doing sets of 20.  This time, I used a deck of cards and counted out 50 cards.  Each card was a set of 20.  I simply did the 20 and turned a card.  This helped greatly as I didnt even worry about counting the total number, just focused on doing 20 at a time.  This approach is exactly how I get myself through any tough obstacle, whetehr physical or mental.  Break it into manageable chunks and start chipping away.  Before I knew it, I was at 900 and pushed hard to finish strong.  Today, I finished the entire 1000 in 35:47.

I brought a kettlebell with me and plan on a Dan John 500 swing workout as well as just working through some decks of cards with various exercises.  I like to keep it simple when traveling and rarely ever go inside a gym.  If I drive, I usually bring a couple of kettlebells, a sandbag, some bands and mobility tools.  That works for me and leaves me hungry for heavy things when I return.