June 30, 2017

Yesterday was Mike Drew's final workout at the RRL.

We were all sad to see him go, but happy to have had the opportunity to have a friend and training partner like Mike in our lives.  I do not feel like we are saying goodbye, more like see you soon. 

So this morning, I was right.  There was Mike again for his last last day.  It seems that the weather did not allow the movers to come on schedule so we got to see him one more time.  Rusty was out of town and was sorry he missed it, so I made my best artist rendering of him and included him in the shot.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  Kind of like Napolean Dynamite's picture he drew of the girl in his class.

Mike's ACTUAL final workout at the RRL

Mike's ACTUAL final workout at the RRL

Today we were slightly restricted due to the rain...however, Wade says "If it aint rainin' you aint trainin'".  We were only restricted by our own lack of desire to get out in the rain and train hard.  We did the following:

Tabata Assault Bike measuring total calories for the 8 rounds

Bench Press 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Tabata Assault Bike for calories again

We only have 4 Assault Bikes so some did Tabata Ski Erg and we pulled in one rower.

Bench press is an unusual lift for us and it showed today.  If you don't use it, you lose it.  I have lost it and so have others.  Michael suffered a tear of some sort on the last rep.  He said it felt like someone punched him.  I know that feeling as that was the same description that I gave after I tore my Soleus.  When that muscle popped, it felt as if someone hit me with a baseball bat in the back of the leg.  I thought it was so weird because it felt so much like impact from outside to inside rather than something tearing within my body.  I have torn the soleus on both legs multiple times now and always dread the 6-8 weeks that i am not able to run.  I have taken that time to get better at pullups, pushups, core, burpees, rowing, Assault Bike and other things that do not affect the calf.  When that muscle is injured, it is amazing how many activities rely on the calf for effective movement or lifting.

Hopefully Michael will recover quickly.  All the best Michael.  Take care of that injury and be patient.