May 8, 2017

After a restful weekend with a few ice baths, some good food and more sleep than I am used to, I started the week with a feeling of being on fire.  The ice has been very helpful in recovery, but I did read a few articles and listen to a podcast or two by Rhonda Patrick (who is completely awesome, by the way.  She has a way of being able to condense incredibly technical and intensely boring medical journals down to something that I can understand and does it while keeping fitness and longevity goals in mind) that made me second guess the ice bath timing.  I have been hitting the ice immediately after the workout which could be undoing alot of the good work I just did.  After watching the video below and compiling much other data, I think that I am going to postpone the ice until later in the day or at least 1 hour after the workout.  Check the video with Rhonda Patrick and Dr Mercola for the reason why: (The whole video is fascinating, but at 21:37 into the video, she talks specifically about what happens immediately after the workout and why your body needs this time to develop inflammation.  This short time is actually quite responsible for gaining strength from training.)

I highly recommend both Mercola and Rhonda Patrick's podcast as well as finding and listening to her on all of the podcasts that she has done with Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris.

This summer, we are going to build a sauna in our shed out back and we can do contrasting hot and cold.  Until then, I can sit in my attic for a few minutes which is probably hotter than any sauna.  Follow this up with a dip in the ice and we have a redneck XPT course right here.

Today's workout was short, but intense.

Warm Up

Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

My weights 225-245-265-285-305-325-345 (miss)


100 Burpees for time

I was ecstatic to look at the clock after 100 straight and see 4:35.  This is a new and all time PR for me.  It is so exciting because PR's are funny.  There are so many factors that go into a PR.  Temperature, time of day and other such factors can definitely influence a few seconds here or there, but on most things, you could be doing the work slightly different from the last time.  Several things remain consistent though.  100 burpees is 100 burpees.  We do it the same every time; simply flop down on the ground, get back up, jump and clear the ground and clap overhead.  I have tried this simple workout on a clock since 2006 and have logged all attempts.  Last year, I did 100 straight through for the first time ever and attributed it to practicing the Wim Hof method every morning. On that day, I was shocked to look up at the clock and see 4:55 as that was the first time I had ever broken 5 minutes. 

Today, I was nervous about this attempt because I wanted to at least measure up to the last one.  I started slow and relaxed and at about 30 I thought I would need to take a break.  I hit 50 and felt good. 60, 70, 80, 90 and I knew I had it.  I finished 100 today in 4:35 which is an all time PR for me and an all time gym record.  This comes from the whiteboard:

I started keeping my workouts on in 2009.  This graph shows a steady decline in the time it takes me to complete this workout.  There are a few spikes which are when I have done this either with a 50 lb ruck or a 20 or 30 lb vest. 

With all this training and attempts at recovery, the goal is the same for me.  Continue to get better, stronger, faster despite getting older.  It is definitely working.  I will say, for sure, that as I age, I am spending more and more time on warm up, accessory movements, mobility, recovery, sleep quality, supplements and paying more attention to diet and hydration than ever before.  It is clear to me that if I want to continue to improve, all of this has to be on point and dialed in.  Even 5 years ago, I was able to just go workout and call it good.  Maybe I would stretch my hamstring a little.  Now, by focusing on all of these factors, I am seeing big improvements as I crowd 50 years old. 

Anyone can do this.  Anyone can be in their best shape at 50 years old.  It does take alot of work and time, but it is totally worth it in my opinion.  Today, I feel like I am in the best shape of my entire life and it is an amazing feeling.  I am not restricted by any physical task. 

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  Let me know your story of success as you age.