May 11, 2017

The waterballs made their way back into the workout this morning.  If you have never seen these, they are pretty cool.  I got the idea from Ross Enamait (If you dont know Ross, you should.  Check him out at  I LOVE the water ball for training wrestlers or anyone who wants to build a strong grip while simultaneously building an iron posterior chain. 

I have 2 of these.  They are cheap and simple and you can make them yourself.  It takes patience and time, but you simply take a Swiss Ball that is probably sitting around your moms house and fill it with water to the poundage you want.  The gray one...aka Big Girl, probably weighs close to 100 pounds while the blue one...aka Little Sister, comes in around 50.  We can do all kinds of stuff with these tools.  Simply pick it up and carry it for distance and build grip strength for wrestling or Jiu Jitsu.  You could pick them up and load them to the top of a jerk box or over one of the Yokes or my favorite move, and the one we did today, is clean it to the shoulder and throw it over the shoulder.  These are hard to hold, awkward and unwieldy, however, they will not smash your face like a concrete atlas ball and also wont punch a hole in my driveway.  

Today's workout

Waterball over the shoulder x 10

Warm up Deadlift

2008 CrossFit Games Deadlift Burpee

5 Deadlift 275 lbs

10 burpees

x 5 rounds

If you go back and watch the Every Second Counts movie, you can see the guys do this workout.  Matt Chan won with a 2:33, Khalipa 2:35 and Spealler 2:44.  I finished this one today at 5:14 which I was actually pretty happy about since I have not been deadlifting much at all.  My dead has never been a strength, but I have neglected it and it is time to get it back.  275 felt very heavy for me this morning, but I managed to get through it.

After the deadlift workout we cleaned up and then spent 10 minutes in meditation.