March 21, 2017

1: Clean Complex – 7 rounds, every 3 minutes, perform:
-1x clean pull + 1x hang squat clean + 1x front squat + 1x split jerk (Work up to a max 1+1+1+1 for the day. If the jerk is the limiting factor, eliminate it only after the 5th round)

2: Deadlift: 75%x 5, 85%x 3, 95%x 1+
If you have current and true 1 RM deadlift, then take the percentages from 90% 1 RM.

Work Capacity: Complete 4 rounds for time:
-2x rope climb
-100m sprint
-10m overhead lunge (135#/95#)
-100m sprint

Core: Perform 1 round of:
-25m 1-arm overhead KB carry, left arm + 1-arm front rack KB carry, right arm (2×53#/2×35#)
-25m 1-arm overhead KB carry, right arm + 1-arm front rack KB carry, left arm (2×53#/2×35#)
-Max distance unbroken 2-arm farmers KB carry (2×53#/2×35#)