February 24, 2017

On Fridays, I like to put in a Team workout or at least try to have a little fun.  This, by no means, brings down the intensity.

One format that I like is to grab some gear and create a workout on the spot.

Today we had 11 people show up so we split into teams of 5 and another team of 6.  Teams can be chosen many ways.  Today we split by height just like they do in BUDs.  We had a Smurf team and a regular team.  I also like to pick new guys or guys who are not the best to be Captains.  It is a great way for everyone to learn names and feel like they are a part of the group.

Today we created 5 stations.

1. Yoke Carry down and back

2. Assault bike for 10 calories (about the time it takes to take the Yoke down and back)

3. 8 Toes to Bar

4. 8 KB Swings with 70 lbs

5. 5 Handstand Pushups

x 5 rounds

After you completed the yoke carry, you would move to the back of the line and start the HSPU.  As the person in front of you completed their reps, you would follow. until everyone on the team had done 5 rounds of each exercise.

This one took about 14 minutes and was a great interval workout.

We ended with a 10 minute plank

We will likely take on 17.1 tomorrow or Sunday.  It looks tough.  Damn...did anyone check out Sam Briggs performance last night?  Holy smokes.  She is a machine.

I might like to try this with a 35 and 20 inch box just to see how badly she would beat me at this workout.  She never stopped moving and never slowed down.  Incredible athlete!

If you dont know what I am talking about, check it out here