February 20-21, 2017

Yesterday, my wife and son were on a college visit and my daughter was also gone.  I was in the house all by myself.  This doesnt happen very often, so I made sure to pick a workout that would be far too loud for a normal 5:30 am workout. 

I settled on an old favorite:

Work to 1 RM Clean and Jerk


Death By Clean and Jerk @ 135 lbs

The "Death by" format is easy and can be applied to any exercise.  Set the clock for a long time.  Do one Clean and Jerk the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3........and continue until you can not keep up with the clock.  We do death by burpees, pullups, pushups, back squats at bodyweight, whatever...

Here is a video of former CrossFit Games Champ Miko Salo doing this.  This video was the first time I had seen this workout.

Today, we borrowed one from another CrossFit Games champ...or I should say from THE Champ, Rich Froning.

15 Pullups

15 Power Clean @ 95 lbs

15 Box Jumps

x 7 rounds for time

I finished this one in 17:23 and Trevor was out in front of me.  He is very fast on the cleans.

It was great to have another day with my friends in the garage.

Yesterday we finished with 7 minutes of Gratitude exercise which always starts the day and week off on the right foot.