Feb 1,2, 2017

Pictured above is Kevin, aka The Capn, aka KD, aka Distasio, aka the dude that keeps changing his haircut, aka the dude who really had pretty sweet Lou Diamond Phillips look going (Im talking Young Guns, not Longmire) but cut his hair for more of a Mexican Drug dealer on the streets of Tujuana.  Whatever you want to call him, he is our brother. 

Kevin had a problem the other day which I dont fully understand yet, but it put him in the hospital in ICU for a week.  He is still there.  I have no doubt that Kevin will rebound straight out of this and will be back to sandbagging reps at the RRL way sooner than his Dr will expect.  However, it doesnt hurt to send positive thoughts prayers and love to Kevin and his family.

The guys gave the Capn's salute the other day.  Through your day today, please salute the Capn and ask the man upstairs for whatever help he can offer Kevin and his family.



I am traveling to Florida on an extended trip.  I will recreate countless travel posts here by just saying that I brought the following with me:

1 barbell

205 lbs of bumpers

1 53 lb kb

1 sandbag

2 bands

1 jumprope

2 lacrosse balls

1 portable pullup bar

I can do just about anything with this gear.  So far I have subsisted on Deck of Cards with kettlebell work for the jokers.