December 24, 2017 Christmas Eve

In preparation for a big Holiday brunch at my Mom's house, I decide to move around a little this morning.  I have been working on an RRL triathlon or quadathlon of sorts which will incorporate running, ski erg, assault bike and row.  I think that there can be several versions of this which will hit all different time domains and intensity.

Today I tried this one

Run 1 mile 7:01

Ski 1000m 3:30

Bike 1 mile 2:34

Row 1000m 3:56

This took me 17:52 which was broken down with the approximate times above.  There were a few seconds here and there for transition.  This was a good workout, but I think that I will try it a little different next time.  Id like to find distances on the different disciplines that all come out to about the same time.

One idea was

Run 800m

Ski 1000m

Bike 1.2 miles

Row 750 m

This would be a sprint and I expect it would take about 12 minutes.  The intensity would be ramped up.  Id also like to try those same distances at 2 rounds and try to get under 25 minutes


Another idea was

Run 3 miles

Ski 5000 m

Bike 6 miles

Row 5000 m

That one would be significantly longer.

Merry Christmas to everyone!