Oct 4, 2017

Our running program called for a Race Pace 400 m run today. 

Hinshaw Warmup

Sprint 100 Meter for 00:00:16

Run 400 Meter for 00:02:04

Rest for 00:03:00


Sprint 100 Meter for 00:00:17

Run 400 Meter for 00:02:05

Rest for 00:03:00


Sprint 200 Meter

Walk 400 Meter

Rest for 00:08:00


Race Pace 400


I felt pretty good but did feel a slight twinge in my left high hamstring so I backed off a bit.  My benchmark was 1:13 and I came in at 1:14 today.  I am sure that I could run faster if I had more confidence in my hamstring.  I felt great on the warm up and even on the race and felt like I had more in the tank.  Just being careful of the hamstring.  Hopefully, I will be able to push it on the next test day.