January 14, 2017

I was not going to do anything today, but a text from Reggie got me motivated.  Mike D and Reggie dropped by this morning at 8 for:

EMOM 10 minutes

3 Bench Press @ bodyweight


EMOM 20 minutes

Alternate between

2 Clean and Jerk @ 155 lbs

20 Assault Bike Calories


The second one proved more difficult than it looked on the board.  After 10 minutes (or maybe even before) I dropped to 15 calories, then for the last 2 minutes I did 10 cal/4 CJ.

I think that a really good workout for the future might be an ascending number of CJ with a descending number of calories.  Ill work on that


Thanks so much to Mike and Reggie for the motivation and comraderie this morning