Over the weekend, we lost Bravo to a tragic car accident.  Everyone is upset about the loss.  We are getting through it be by being grateful and thankful for the time that we had with him.  He was a funny dog that brought alot of joy to all those who knew him.

This morning was the toughest on me as he was simply absent during our morning ritual.  It was the same every morning.  I would get up and I could hear him stirring in his kennel.  He and Gus would patiently wait until I finished brushing my teeth and getting my clothes.  Then, I would let them him out and they would tumble down the stairs.

The two dogs would give the full yard an inspection and then start playing in the driveway.  They would greet each person as they arrived.

This morning, it was just me an d Gus.  Very sad. I miss you Bravo.

A group 12 strong did this one in his honor


Run 1 Mile


10 Pullups

10 pushups

10 hang cleans @ 115

10 Bar facing burpees

x 5 rounds


Run 1 Mile

For TIme

We all left our chalk out for Bravo.  He loved to eat chalk. 

We love you and miss you buddy.