July 6, 2016

A day of fun, movement based recovery turned bad this morning.

I planned a somewhat light, partner workout that would get us moving and eliminate even more of the lactic acid or at least the rusty feeling from the 3 Hero workout.

What was supposed to be pretty easy was deceptively difficult and about 5 minutes too long.

It was simple...

Partner A crab walks 20 m while Partner B does overhead walking lunges next to him for the same distance.  Upon reaching the line, switch and go back to the starting line.  Then, line up head to head and do 20 of what i called "low 5" pushups. This is a simple exercise but it does add a bit of difficulty to the standard pushups. 

Both partners go from the plank position to the bottom of the pushup, touch their chest and return to fully extended and then reach out their hand and slap a low 5 to their partner.  It seems simple and it is, but it does require absolute full extension and synchronization. 

We did this for as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.  After round 2 most of us were pretty smoked because it was tougher than expected, but we are all still trying to recover from the 3 Hero day. 

I managed 6 full rounds and most others were right behind me. 

Next we either ran 1.5 miles as a time trial (12 min) with a 20 burpee penalty for being late or row for 12 minutes and hit 3000m or face to 20 burpees.

Most guys made the cut off, but a couple...including me, did not.  I came in 39 m short on the row and did my 20 burpees.

Maybe we can take a little break tomorrow...

or maybe not