July 17, 2016

Woke up this morning at 5 and got ready to go fishing. 

We found snookzilla.  The biggest snook I have ever seen and then I saw one bigger...hooked it but lost it.

Here are some shots

We came in during the hottest part of the day because the fishing was slow.  I resisted the temptation to take a nap and went out to the hot parking lot and found a little shade.  Before I left my room, I thought about what workout I would do.  I started to waver then saw the deck of cards.  I grabbed it and knew that I would get something in today.

It looked like this

Spades=Kettlebell Swings


Diamonds= squats


My good friend, David McLeaf joined me.

Tomorrow, I hope we get a few more big gigantic dinosaur snook and another great workout