Tuesday-Thursday June 30,2016

While on the road doing my son's Lacrosse tour, the guys have been hitting it pretty hard at the RRL.  See below for their workouts, followed by my road/trailer park workouts

Trevor set a new PR and a new RRL record with a 2:40.  Great work!

While on the road, I tried a workout that I saw my friend Jonathan Hurtado post as he is getting ready for a triple Heavy Goruck.  It is 500 kettlebell swings with a 53 lb kettlebell.  I didnt really know much about this workout, but I later found out that it is Dan John's 10,000 kettlebell swing strength program.  I kind of did it wrong, but got 500 swings in anyway. 

I did it like this:

American swings (completely overhead)

Broken up like this...50, 25, 15, 10

:30 rest between sets, 3:00 rest between rounds, x 5 rounds.

I finished in 40:15.




Trailer park workout was a simple Deck of cards because I was short on time


After reading about the Dan John 10,000 Swing Program (click here to read for yourself)

I decided to try the 500 swings again.  I felt pretty good having done the 500 American swings and only had just a little soreness in my traps.  I wanted to try it again because it calls for doing it 4 times a week.  This seemed like alot, but I also noticed that it called for Russian swings, which is just to eye level not overhead.  The program also calls for accessory exercises to be done after the sets like this: do a set of 10 swings then do one pullup, do a set of 15, then 2 pullups, do a set of 25 then 3 pullups, do the final set of 50 and then rest. 

It could be pullups, front squats, goblet squats, overhead press or really anything.  I was light on gear so I just did air squats today.

This workout was WAY easier than the other way with the American swings.  I finished it this way in 27:02.  I like this workout though.  Great for grip strength and overall posterior chain development.  I only need one kettlebell and can do it on the road easily.  If I were to be gone for a month at some point, I would definitely consider this as a great road workout that will keep you in shape and mentally tough.

We will watch 2 games tomorrow and then head home.  Lots of drive time ahead.  I will get in some type of workout in the morning before the game.