Wednesday May 4, 2016

Beep Test today

You can search Beep Test in my search bar on this blog and see the other posts for this test.  I really like it as an occasional test and I like it even more when I improve upon my last today.

The search feature brings up these posts


It is a simple test using a measured 20 m shuttle run and the same recording each time.  We have used this one each time

Today, I beat my previous score of 11.8 and improved to 11.10.  I think it is possible for me to get 12 rounds, but it was becoming incredibly difficult at 11.10.  I know I had another round or so in me today.  I fell slightly behind in the 10th round but was able to catch up and make it into the 11th.

We finished with some core work and mobility.  Great day, awesome weather and better friends!