Monday May 16, 2016

5:02 am

Wim Hof Breathing

4 rounds + pushups (94) 

Then, we have continued to incorporate the hanging and light weight raises for our shoulder health mixed with our standard workout.  I really like the way my shoulders are feeling and others are getting some relief as well.

Bar Hang :30

15-50 front raise with 2.5-5 lbs

GHD 20

Bar Hang :30

15-50 side raise with 2.5-5 lbs

Hip Extension 20

Bar Hang :30

15-50 rear raise with 2.5-5 lbs

The rep scheme and weight depends on the health of your shoulder.  For those with injuries or creaky old shoulders, start with no weight or just a water bottle or something.  The idea is to be able to build to at least 50 reps of each exercise with 5 lbs and then go beyond to 7 or 10.


Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1


2 man team

Assault Bike 15 calories

8 single arm Kettlebell snatch (alternating) with 70 lbs

AMREPS 15 minutes

Both partners working at a time...alternating.  If you finish before your partner, simply rest a few seconds.

We did not have enough Assault Bikes so we also used rowers on this one and found that a 10 calorie row was about equal to the 8 snatches.  Trevor and I did the Row/Snatch and it was a great workout.  17 rounds + 4 snatch and 5 calories.