Friday March 4, 2016

2 man Team day

Find a partner and then complete the following workouts


1. Row/Burpee

Complete 100 calorie row as a team.  For every calorie, do a burpee

Switch any way you like, get the work done.

We did this one by Michael Miller doing 20 calories on the rower as I did 20 burpees and then switched.  It worked out well because the reps took just about the same amount of time. 

We finished in 6:18


2. 2 Man Team Leap Frog Row/Hang Clean/Pullup

10 calorie Row

10 Hang Clean @ 95 lbs

10 Pullups

Partner 1 begins the workout by rowing 10 calories.  Partner 2 is resting and waiting at the Hang Clean station.  Upon P1 finishing the 10 cal row he yells his partners name which signals him to start the 10 hang cleans. P1 moves to the pullups and waits for P2 to finish the Hang cleans.  Upon finishing the hang cleans P2 yells his partner's name and P1 starts the pullups as P2 moves to the rower.  Upon completion, P2 start the row and this continues for 15 minutes.  Get in as many reps as possible

I really like this format.  This was a new one for us as we have never used these 3 exercises in this format.  Any 3 exercises can be used, the trick to coming up with a great workout is to have the reps on each station take about the same amount of time.  This one was just about perfect.

I might go to 135 lbs on the hang clean in the future, but I would either drop the reps to 5 or increase the pull up and row calories to 15 to make the stations take about the same amount of time.

Great day!  Enjoy the weekend!  See the RRL guys at lunch today at Totto on Frasier at 11:45