Monday Tuesday 28,29 2016

I was traveling last week so I missed a few days here.  I did not, however, miss any workout days.


I did not do as well on 16.5 as I did in 2014.  Not sure where I lost time, but I am not ready to give this one another try yet.  Legs sore today



I liked today's workout.  Single arm snatch followed by 100 kettlebells swings with 53 lbs, but every minute on the minute, you have to do 5 pullups.  I finished in 5:31 but Trevor pushed through and finished all his swings before his minute came up and beat me badly.  Good job

We also did 1 minute sprints on the Assault bike.  Wow!  Byron got 44 calories which is incredible.  Trevor got 42 but the rest of us were around 30 or 28.  Very tough.  Second round was worse...way worse.

We have lots of work to do on this one.