Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016



With a violent front passing through at 4:50 AM, I expected a light crowd today. Yesterday we approached record numbers with 20, but I knew today would be much lighter. I watched the clock tick towards 5:45 and felt like today might be the day that I was completely stood up.  In 9 years, there has not been a day when NO ONE showed up.  There have been many days where only 1 person made the commitment, but never has no one made it.  At 5:39, Jody rounded the corner, followed by Wade and Byron. 

We ran 5 miles in the rain and finished with weighted dips


Run 5 miles or row 5k


Weighted dip


Today marked Byron's 1 year anniversary with the RRL.  He has transformed his mind and body in 365 days and looks and feels fantastic.  Congratulations Byron!  Much more progress lies ahead.

Stand by for an interview with Byron.