Nov 2 and 3, 2016

I had a meeting early yesterday morning so I could not run with the RRL guys.  However, they ran a course we call "Possum Chase.  It finds the two largest hills in our nearby vicinity and runs them both.  For those in the Chattanooga area, it starts at my house, goes down Hixson Pike, and goes up Altamont then right on Crestwood.  Follow this to the very top of Folts Circle, around the circle, back down Crestwood, across Altamont and up Crestwood to Old Dallas.  Old Dallas back to Minnekahda Place and then to the top of the hill.  2 times around the private drive and then back to RRL.

It is 4.71 miles


Today we hit a workout that has been postponed numerous times.  Finally, it stuck on the calendar and we went after it this morning.

Row 2000m

50 Curtis P at 95 lbs

EMOM do 4 burpees (even during the row).

This was WAY harder than I thought, but I think I did pretty well.  28:34.  I will look forward to never seeing this one again.

Curtis P, courtesy of SealFit